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I have a vision to transform the business community.  I believe in ethical entrepreneurship, where business owners actually care about their customers and making a real positive impact with their products or services.  Adam Collins (CEO) Social Strategizer™


Watch this video tutorial and discover how to use Facebook search to find the right Pages (Interests) to target with your Facebook Ads. You’ll discover the 3 Master Facebook Search Phrases and more.

Aloha and welcome!  I’m Adam Collins (AC), Founder and Chief Inspiration Officer at Social Strategizer™

My passion is to inspire and help ethical entrepreneurs who genuinely care about their market build their brand, strategize their marketing and turn their Facebook advertising into profit.  

As a business owner, I believe it’s part of your life’s mission to express the unique gifts and talents that only you have and infuse them into every essence of your business.



If you’d like to have a brief chat to see how we can build your brand and generate more sales using Facebook advertising, you can click on the button below to learn more.

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Are you getting the attention of your ideal target market?

Is your brand growing and your content being consumed?

Do you know where your next customer is coming from?

Are you afraid of losing money paying for traffic?

Do you know what your customer lifetime value is?

Facebook Ads Without Being Salesy

Be your authentic self and let your brand’s true essence shine, while building a bigger more responsive list of your perfect prospects and attracting your ideal clients to boost your online sales without being salesy.

Strategic Lead Generation Funnels

Discover how to craft a magnetic, lead generating offer that attracts your perfect prospects.  This is how you’ll rapidly grow your most valuable asset online: your email list.

Proven Sales Conversion Strategies

Having an online Social Sales Funnel powered by Facebook Ads, gives you the freedom to take control of your traffic, attract your ideal clients, measure your customer acquisition costs in real time and quickly scale your business.

What our clients say

62% Conversion Rate & Made $33K on $3,563.33 in Facebook Ads Costs.  I set up just ONE Ad with Adam and it’s still getting 62% (average) conversion rate to my list and it’s brought in $33,015.00 and counting in gross sales from that traffic – spending as little as $7 per day.  I don’t even look at the ad more than about once per month. Adam knows the score. He’s willing to get his hands dirty and do the nitty gritty work of making it work and he’ll look after you. As long as you have a good product and care about your people, go for it!”

Michael Mackintosh | Best Selling Author

Co-Founder of Awakened Academy, AwakenedAcademy.com

“I learned more in a 90 minute coaching call with Adam, than I did in the 6 month Facebook ads coaching program I took.”

Gabrielle Brick |

Founder, GabrielleBrick.com

“To say that Adam is good at what he does is an understatement. The man is a social media and marketing genius. For my last book launch, I decided to work with Adam and implement some of his Facebook ad strategies. It was unbelievable. In just a couple days, the book became a #1 amazon bestseller in 3 different categories and I keep getting a 300% return on investment, meaning for every $10 I put in, I get $30 back!

Joshua Benavides

#1 Best-Selling Author and Founder, The Center For Profound Wellbeing

“We generated about $51,000 in gross sales (525 tickets) for our Dowsing World Tele-summit at $97 per sale with a $3,003.59 Facebook Ad spend, leaving us with a gross profit of just under $48,000. 

Minus 210 sales from our email list, the Facebook advertising campaign we set up with Adam generated 315 sales and left us a Net profit of $24,350 from Facebook ads.”  Click here to watch the video review

Maggie & Nigel Percy

Founders, Sixth Sense Solution


Facebook Ads Campaign Screen Shots

Click on any of the 5 tabs above, to see actual screen shots from inside my Facebook ads manager showing different types of Facebook ads campaigns you can leverage to grow your business.  There are some pretty awesome results as you’ll see.  Not all campaigns work out this way, these are many of the best campaigns.  You can run strategic Facebook ads campaigns for lead generation, branding, book launches, video views, direct to the sales page and more… all while tracking your cost per your desired result.  Ex.  Cost per lead, cost per Like, cost per Video Views, customer acquisition cost etc.

Testimonial Disclaimer

Facebook Ads Website Conversion Campaigns – Direct To The Sales Page.

Once your Facebook ads campaigns are set up properly based on your objective (Leads, Sales, Etc) it calculates your customer acquisition cost.  This allows you to start slow with your budget and scale your campaigns once you prove it’s working – based on what you’re willing to pay to acquire a new customer.

6Sales-Logo   9Sales-Logo   15Sales-Logo

14Sales-Logo   34Sales-Logo   111Sales-Logo

Facebook Ads Website Conversion Campaigns – Direct To A Lead Generation Opt-in Page

Below are a few different Facebook Ads Campaigns where the objective was to acquire new targeted email subscribers.  The niches range from publishing to makeup, to science, to business to organic foods.

258Leads-Logo 407Leads-LogoIMG_1378

1634LeadAds2Month-Logo 1053Leads-Logo5438Leads-Logo

Facebook Ads Video Views Campaigns – Direct To The Sales Page

Facebook Video Ads are very powerful.  We all know that video is the preferred method for most users to consume content and they seem to cost a lot less than other campaign objectives.  Also now with the new Engagement Custom Audiences you can create Custom Audiences based on how long people watch your views and show retargeting ads to them accordingly.  Very powerful!

 14965VideoViews-Logo  17872VideoViews-Logo 2838VideoViews-Logo

37,484 Video ViewsSocialStrategizer   15705VideoViews-Logo 66411VideoVIews-Logo

Facebook Ads Clicks To Website – Direct To Amazon #1 Best Seller Book Launches

“To say that Adam is good at what he does is an understatement. The man is a social media and marketing genius. For my last book launch, I decided to work with Adam and implement some of his Facebook ad strategies. It was unbelievable. In just a couple days, the book became a #1 amazon bestseller in 3 different categories! The book was out-selling big-time publishers and famous authors in those categories.

And it was all being done with a low-budget, Facebook ads campaign. Not only was the launch a success, but it continues to sell well today, and all with Facebook Ads. Here is what I consider to be the most powerful aspect of Adam’s strategies… I know most people are hesitant to invest in advertising, but the thing is that if you do it right, with the right guidance and know-how, all advertising is FREE advertising. Meaning, if you’re doing it right, whatever money you put it in, you get it right back and with a higher return.

I keep getting a 300% return on investment, meaning for every $10 I put in, I get $30 back! That’s amazing. After working with Adam, I know anyone can do this, if they’re willing to implement what he suggests, and most likely get even better results. If you’re an author, coach, consultant or anyone who wants to reach more people, make a bigger impact, and get more customers or readers for your books, I can’t recommend Adam enough!”

Joshua Benavides Founder of The Center For Profound Wellbeing | ProfoundWellbeing.com

Break The Worry Happit Best Seller


Below is my book in the Superfood Niche – Blend Your Way To Bliss. This was achieved through Facebook ads.

#1 Amazon Best Seller in 9 Categories.001

Here’s 2 of the ads I crafted for my #1 Best Selling Book Launch Campaign.  I leveraged the Blend Your Way To Bliss Facebook Pages as well as my original Facebook Page Superfood Snacks.

Blend Your Way To Bliss Facebook Ad - SFS Page
Blend Your Way To Bliss Facebook Ad - BYWTB Page

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