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If you’re an ethical entrepreneur (conscious business owner) looking to tap into a sustainable source of targeted traffic for your business, so you can get the attention of your target market and make more sales, then you might want to keep reading.

If you want to take control of your business so you can build your brand and acquire more customers… then you’re probably in the right place.

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A little bit about me:

I come from a family of entrepreneurs and have been selling since I was about 7 years old.  Although I didn’t technically write my first official advertisement until age 16, I’ve been marketing my own products and services for the last 26 years.

In 2006 I founded and was CEO of Superfood Snacks®. Superfood Snacks pioneered the world’s first compostable printed food package made from sustainably sourced materials.  We were one of the first companies to launch organic raw chocolate snacks into stores like Whole Foods Markets.

Since 2006, I’ve been marketing behind the scenes in the natural foods industry.  Starting in 2009 I started running Facebook advertising campaigns for Superfood Snacks.  This was back before their was advertising allowed in the News Feed.

I promoted my own business and also helped dozens of other ethical entrepreneurs build bigger lists, improve their conversions, become #1 Best-Selling authors and dramatically boost their sales… and I might be able to do the same for you.

“I believe in making a positive difference in the lives of others.  For me, one of the greatest feelings of inner satisfaction comes from helping others achieve their goals & dreams.”

Adam Collins

CEO @SocialStrategizer


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Why We Do What We Do

At Social Strategizer, we believe you have a gift to share with the world. We believe you can help others by making a positive impact while creating abundance for yourself and your family. We see it as part of your life’s mission to express the unique gifts that only you have. We believe that entrepreneurs like you are the ones who will help solve many of the world’s problems while empowering others to achieve their hopes and dreams.

As the CEO, one of my core passions is to help entrepreneurs like yourself who also want to make a difference through your products and services. I believe that by working together and helping people/others who are committed to honest/ethical service, we can pave the way to a better world for all. The short story is that I believe in helping people who help other people so we can all help more people. I believe this is the quickest path to make the biggest impact in the shortest amount of time. This is the foundation at Social Strategizer.

🤔 😉 😂 😂 😂 😂

So Adam, what would you say… ya do here?

In short: we show you how to craft sustainable content sales funnels powered by Facebook and Instagram advertising.

The result of a properly set up Facebook ads campaign is that it helps you get the attention of your target market, builds your brand plus delivers you a consistent flow of new highly targeted leads and customers day after day – without sacrificing your core values or being salesy.


Our core mission is to inspire and empower ethical entrepreneurs and conscious business owners with the mindset, tools and strategies they need to bring their gifts to life in the marketplace.

Our goal is help 1 million people take full control of their business so they can help more people while creating abundance for themselves and their family.

We give back by donating at least 10% of our net profits in a variety of ways to those in need.

Adam’s Personality Profile – Just for Fun

03High School Days

Golf Team, Captain of The Baseball Team, My Car Detailing Business, Professional Slacker

03Weirdest Habit

Constantly Feng-Shui-ng and re-arranging items in my house

03Something Surprising

 I drink lots of Guayaki® Yerba Mate and slam tons of fresh organic green vegetable juice

03Biggest Indulgence

Organic Raw Chocolate Bars Dipped In Almond or Peanut Butter

03Workplace Pet Peeve

People Not being honest and transparent


I feel it's important to share somewhat of a "entrepreneurial timeline" per say - because I believe you should be asking the question what gives me the ability to teach what I teach.

The strange thing is that in 2016 there's a lot of folks that are teaching entrepreneurship that have never really been an entrepreneur or built an actual business through all the real up's and downs of the journey.

Teaching how to run a business without never actually running a business just doesn't make sense to me.

AGE 7-10 - Learned About Exchanging Value & Entrepreneurship

Growing up in an entrepreneurial home, for me it all really started when I was about 7 years old.  Mom and Dad starting giving me allowance in exchange for doing extra chores around the house.

That's when I started to understand what exchanging VALUE was all about.  That led to me asking Mom and Dad if I could take the snow shovel down the street and ask to shovel driveways for $10.  They said yes!

So that's how it it went.  Making money from allowance and shoveling drive ways, raking leaves, digging holes etc, and then taking the money I made and using it to buy packs and boxes of baseball, football and basketball cards.

AGE 10 - 16 - Baseball Cards, Football Cards, Basketball Cards

At about age 10, I was at a baseball card show vending a booth with my Dad when I asked if I could take come of the boxes of cards we had for sale and see if the dealers would buy some from me.  About thirty minutes or so later I came back with about $100 and my Dad smiled and gave me more to go sell.  I went back out and sold more and more.

That's when I learned I could sell stuff I was passionate about. 

Age 16 - Started A Car Detailing Business

After I got my drivers license at age 16, the baseball card industry was starting to lose traction and I of course was starting to find new interests.  Shortly after turning 16, I started an auto detailing business with my good friend Brad by making flyers with a cut out coupon and passing them out in grocery store, shopping mall and golf course parking lots.

It started by getting a few clients, which turned into more referrals and the business was officially born.  I'm very grateful that my parents supported me by allowing me to use the garage and driveway as the work space.

A couple years in, my Dad even set up a heater in the garage for me so I could detail cars in the winter.

I eventually put in a bid at $11 a foot at an RV dealership to detail just the exterior of the big 44 foot Rv's.  I got the bid and that turned out to be very lucrative, which let to a ton more business and customer service experience.  It's really when I had my first official employee besides friends helping out for a few hours here and there at the beginning.

I was paying my friend $20 an hour to help me too, which at that time was huge.


Age 20 - Studied Marketing at ISU - Threw Weekly Parties for Cash

Went ISU (Illinois State University) to study marketing, however I majored in partying instead.  I figured I could make a bunch of money and have the best time ever by having parties and selling cups of beer for $5…  while I was getting A’s & B’s in business classes and C’s & D’s in every other class.

In the summers I came home and continued my car detailing business.

Age 21 - Printed 30,000 Concert Stickers & Sold Them While Travelling

Printed 20,000 concert stickers to sell to stores while traveling across the country seeing music and camping.  This was a way to fulfill my desire to travel and see music in the summer while profiting from sticker sales throughout the journey.

Age 22 - Drop Out Of College

Drop of out college with with words of my Dad still present with me today.  I told my Dad I feel I’m wasting his money and had a strong desire to make it on my own as an Entrepreneur.  He said, I believe in you and if you can provide for yourself - more power too you.


Age 23 - Move To Colorado

This was my ski/snowboard bum phase, where I lived in Colorado for the Winter and came back home to continue my car detailing business and travel in the summer.


Age 25-27 - Traveled And Sold T-Shirts
Age 26 - Started & Managed A Band

I started a local Jam band and eventually 2 years in got kicked out because they said I was too focused on marketing the band and not focused enough on practicing (go figure).  They were right.  I wasn't meant to be a musician.


Age 27-30 - Made & Sold Jewelery

I started selling crystal jewelry and paying for more traveling by selling it along the way.  I delivered pizza at night to make extra cash. To me, pizza delivery seemed to be the only way I could work for someone else, as it had a very entrepreneurial feel because I was basically on my own and got paid for performance.


Age 30 - Moved To Kauai & Founded Superfood Snacks®

I got fed up with the cold and took the plunge and moved to Kauai. Shortly after I started Superfood Snacks Inc. and we basically created the “Organic Raw Chocolate Snack Category” and got them onto the shelves of natural food stores across the country like Whole Foods Markets.

We used a heavy gorilla marketing strategy, combined with online social marketing strategies and in-store demos.


Age 30-39 - CEO Of Superfood Snacks®

From 2005 to 2013 I worked about an average of 14 hours a day building Superfood Snacks.  We pioneered the worlds first organic raw chocolate snack packaged using biodegradable and compostable materials.  We also help Guayaki Yerba Mate switch from their regular plastic packaging to the same sustainable packaging.

Superfood Snacks Mint Chocolate Chip
Best of Raw Award Superfood Snacks
Superfood Snacks Helps Guayaki Yerba Mate With Sustainable Packaging Switch




Age 37-Present - CEO Of Social Strategizer™

Around the end of 2012, I really started to learn more about myself and what I'm really good at.  This lead to start my side hustle and launch Social Strategizer™

In 2013, with a mutual decision with my investors decided to shut down Superfood Snacks® and focus 100% on Social Strategizer®


Self-published a #1 Best Selling Book "Blend Your Way To Bliss"

This was done with no publisher, no affiliates and no email list.  It was virtually all done with Facebook ads with the exception of a few sales from some friends and colleagues.  This shows how powerful Facebook ads can be when done right.

#1 Amazon Best Seller in 9 Categories.001

In addition to being a Lifetimepreneur, since 2005 I’ve spent about $100,000 thousand dollars continuing my marketing education.
I continue to spend many hours a day studying and testing strategies so that I’m constantly up to date and stay ahead of the curve.

In 2005, we changed the natural foods industry forever and I plan on doing the exact same thing in the business community.  

I have a vision to transform the business community.  I believe in ethical entrepreneurship, where business owners actually care about their customers and making a real positive impact with their products or services.

I hope that I'm able to bring value to you in any way I can.  Thank you for stopping by!

Adam Collins (CEO) Social Strategizer™



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I know, what a concept right? 🙂




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