In this video I’m going to show you how to install the Pinterest “hover” button to your website or WordPress blog.  Pinterest is becoming a major player in the Social Media space and a great source to drive targeted referral traffic back to your website.

Note:  This is an “Official Pinterest Hover Button” Video tutorial … NOT one of those Pinterest Hover Plugins that often slows down your sites load time.  It will only take you a couple minutes to install!

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How To Add The Pinterest Hover Button To Your Website


How To Add The Pinterest Hover Button To Your Website Or WordPress Blog 

Aloha. Welcome to another Social Strategizer Marketing episode. In today’s video, I’m going to show you how to install this Pinterest hover button. This is the button that hovers or pops up when someone hovers over the image on your website.

And you may be asking well why would I want to do that. Well one, it makes it really easy for people who don’t have the Pinterest bookmark like this or even know that they can do that.

It just makes it easier for users when they come to your site to pin your images because one, they hover over the Pinterest image, hover button pops up.

Look at how many times this page has been shared–6,000 plus times, my business quotes page has been shared. So just to give you an idea, when you get traction on a good Pinterest board what can happen.

Okay. So first thing you’re going to want to do is go to Google and type in Pinterest buttons. So Pinterest buttons–turn–and you’re going to click on this Pinterest widget builder and you’re going to get to this page here.

You’re going to choose the Pin It button, and then you’re going to come down here and click on image hover. Then you’re going to choose small or large, rectangular, circular.

Basically you’re going to customize it to fit your site look and how you want it to look, and then you’re going to come down here and grab this code.

And where this code goes is, now depending on your website, most people watching this video are going to have WordPress. I understand not everybody does but for the most part, most people are going to have WordPress.

And there are plugins that you can install into WordPress to make this easy. I’m using the Genesis framework so it has this header and footer built in so it’s really easy.

The takeaway here is you need to take that code that we described here and you need to find where on your website, whether it’s going to be you or your developer, tell them you need to put this little piece of code in the WP Head section of the website.

If it doesn’t have this WP Head section, you can just go to the plugins, right–plugins, add new. Type in here header and footer hooks, and I just did this before I turned on the video, and you can see there’s definitely tons of plugins here, insert headers and footers, and a simple plugin that lets you add scripts like Google Analytics and stuff to your WordPress site.

So that’s exactly what this is, the Google Analytics code is right under that. There’s my Google Analytics code right there. That’s what you’re going to need to do. So if you don’t have this built into your site, go do plugins, get one of those, and then come back.

It will make a little area like this somewhere on the back end of your website and you paste that right in there. Then you’ll have a button like this on all your images, and scroll over any of your images, the Pinterest button will automatically pop up.

I’m going to also make another video on Pinterest where I’m going to show you the–basically it’s like a little pack. Instead of posting normally straight to Pinterest like you would on Facebook or Instagram, you actually go to your website first and that’s how I was able to get this page to be shared 6,000 plus times where Facebook likes is 10.

Very little sharing there because I don’t really promote it. I only use this page to put my quotes on and then I add the text to the quote.

In another Pinterest video, I will show you how to do this, the strategy I use to do it real quickly so it only takes a couple of minutes. And remember, because every time someone pins your image, when it goes out to Pinterest it actually has a link back to the site.

So watch–bam–right to the business quotes page. So that’s how the Pinterest button tracks all the back-links on Pinterest and the trail. So that’s how–Pinterest just keeps going and going.

That’s how it’s been able to get 6,000 plus shares and those go back to your website. So remember, every time someone pins any image out from your website, it’s going to bring a link with it. It’s the only site that does that.

So if somebody clicks through, it’s going to go right to your website. Wherever that image came from, it’s going to go back to that page.

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