Creating Branded Shareable Photos

Today I’m going to share with you the secret engagement strategy you’ve probably seen before, but you may have not started utilizing yet.  I’m also going to give you 8 custom branding shareable photo templates to download today, that will help you implement this strategy.

Use these templates when creating branded shareable photos.  When used correctly, these shareable photo templates will help you increase your engagement rate and expand your brand in a viral way.

If you don’t have a few minutes read this post, then you can just click the download link below, and download the shareable branding photo templates right now.  However, if you keep reading, you’ll have a deeper understanding of why this is important to growing your business.

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Creating branded shareable photos will have a big impact on your engagement rate and expanding your brand.

Have you noticed that the majority of posts shared on Facebook these days are pictures or quotes that have been turned into pictures? Think about the rapid rise of Pinterest and Instagram.  People love to share photos, and Facebook rewards your “edge rank” when your Fans share, “Like” and comment on your posts.

This is an important aspect to incorporate into your Facebook marketing.

Remember back in the 13 Fan Engaging Posts report, we talked about how “Edge Rank” is what determines how often your posts show in your Fans News Feed.  It doesn’t matter how many fans you have, if there not seeing and then engaging with your posts, then nothing else matters.  Engagement is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!

It’s “incredibly important” to post relevant and engaging content that your fans and customers will want to share.  When your fans “Share” your posts, that gives you the highest “Edge Rank.”  Plus, when you use this strategy and your posts are shared, they are branded to your business and have your website URL on the photo as well!

This is why creating branded shareable photos is very important.

So how do you come up with branded photos to post that are engaging and SHAREABLE?  I giving you the “viral branding photo templates” today that I use for all my Fan pages and share with my mastermind group, friends and coaching clients.  You can use these when creating branded shareable photos.

You probably remember seeing me show you a couple posts in the “13 Fan Engaging Posts Report” where I used this exact template.

===> [Shareable Photo Templates]

Here’s an example of the template I’m referring to.  Lets look at the image below, and break down why this is a very effective technique to grow your brand or service using Facebook.  Note:  This post probably would of done much better if I had added a call-to-action as well.  I.E.  Click “Like” If You Love Body Butter.


Notice how this image did really well in regards to “Like’s, Comments, and Shares.”  Then notice how at the bottom, it shows my fan page URL and website URL.  The concept here is take relevant and valuable tips and tricks that your market is interested in, and turn those tips and tricks into a nice branded shareable picture.

Then there will be a strong incentive to share your tips and tricks photos which in turn will do a few very important things.  Lets talk about a couple of those things right now.

  1. It helps your market achieve the results their looking to accomplish.
  2. It rises your engagement rate on Facebook
  3. It virally spreads the message about your brand or service.  (The post above was shared 328 times.  That means the friends of each of those 328 Fans who shared this post, had an opportunity to become exposed to my company.

You can start creating your own custom photos that are branded to your Fan Page & your website right now.  Then your fans can help you spread the word about your brand or service when they share your picture posts.

Just type in your quote, helpful tips and tricks, or add an image, or both.  Then add your direct Facebook URL and your website URL and save it.  That’s It!  

I’m giving you 2 sizes of shareable photo templates usable in both Photoshop and Illustrator.  These are perfectly sized to fit into Facebook.  If you don’t have Photoshop or Illustrator, ask someone you know who does to help you out.  It should only take them a few minutes!

If that’s not an option for you at this time, see the following tools below.  They will get you started can be use in creative ways to achieve similar results.

Today we learned that photos get a high engagement rate and will help your fan page posts be seen by more of your fans.  Start using these templates, and when your fans and customers share your images, they will be helping you grow your business for free!

Remember to think about what is valuable to your market and then create your picture posts around that.

A couple ideas you can use when creating your branded shareable photos:

  • Relevant Tips & Tricks (Pictures)  I.E.  Top 3 Tips You Can Use To ___
  • Relevant Quotes (Pictures)  I.E.  Quotes Relevant To Your Market
  • Relevant Common Mistakes (Pictures)  I.E.  3 Common Mistakes People Make When ___
  • Relevant Recipe (Pictures) 

Let me know what else you’d like to know more about in regards to Facebook marketing, and what other tools, templates & cheat sheets you’d like me to create for you.

This is really important to me and I’m super passionate about this.  You can post a comment below with your request.  Also please “Like” this post and share it with your friends.

===> [Shareable Photo Templates]

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