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Facebook edge rank and how it relates to your own businesses Facebook rank.

Facebook edge rank is the most important things to understand about your businesses Facebook rank.  This is a critical factor that is little known by most Facebook fan page owners and administrators.

In this blog post we’re going to break down the key things you need to know about Facebook edge rank and some posting tips on how you can increase your own Facebook rank.

In a nutshell…

…Facebook edge rank is what determines how often people see your Facebook fan page posts in their news feed.  Pretty important right?  Absolutely!

Understanding when to post is a big part of making the most of your Facebook edge rank and ultimately your businesses Facebook rank.

I heard on a webinar not to long ago from Mari Smith that the average edge rank for a Facebook fan page is about 2%.  Which means if you have 2,000 fans on your Facebook page, that means that on average only 40 people are seeing your posts.

Crazy right?

Take a look at your Facebook page and divide the total number of fans you have by the number of people “Talking about this” on your page.

This is why I personally am such a proponent of strong Facebook fan engagement.  Hence the free report I’m giving away when you join my newsletter.

So back to the Facebook edge rank and how it relates to your businesses fan page Facebook rank.

Here’s what you need to know…

  1. People sharing your videos or photos is the Best for your Facebook rank.
  2. Video & photo posts are given the second highest Facebook rank.
  3. Comments are given the third highest Facebook rank.
  4. Facebook fans “Liking” your Fan page posts are given the lowest Facebook rank.

Now even though Comments are better than likes doesn’t mean you don’t want to Post “Click Like” style posts, because you do.  We always want to switch up our posting style.  Instead just keep this in mind when making your posts.

The most effective Facebook posts I have ever made so far have been “Picture Posts” that had a question involved in the post as well.  Check out this screen shot below for an example:

An Engaging Facebook Fan Page Post Strategy

This post went really well.  It received a ton of comments and almost 100 likes as well with 6 shares.

Think about ways you can make a relative picture post that has a question attached to the post as well.

Since me and my market loves Superfoods, I posted a picture of Goji Berries that I took and build a fun post out of it.  I learned a bunch from it too hearing everyones feedback.  People really got into it.

Depending on what your business or service offers think about whats relative to your market and find ways to build posts around that content.

Remember Facebook fan engagement is about them, not us.  This is how we increase our Facebook rank.  We need to have fun out there to be successful.

When Facebook fan page owners want their Facebook rank to go up, but only make posts selling stuff, it’s going to be a rough ride.

Instead, think about “what can I post that my fans would engage with… what kind of post do I need to make posts that are “Sharable.”

 So now are we seeing more how Facebook edge rank and how it relates to your businesses Facebook Rank.

Edge rank checker is a great resource you can test your Facebook edge rank and ultimately your businesses Facebook rank.

Keep in mind as well that we don’t want to burry our fans with posts either in hopes to increase our Facebook rank.  It’s about finding a nice balance of post frequency.  I would say post at least once a day… I personally shoot for 2x a day as I’ve found it the best for my page.

I generally like to post once in the earlier part of the day, and once in the early evening after people are done eating and back on their computers.  Remember people with one click can “hide our pages” so they don’t show up in their news feed.  We want to be very mindful of this as we are boosting our own Facebook rank.

Again the key is to create highly engaging posts with valuable and sharable content so our fans look forward to our posts, not looking to hide our posts.

Here’s an info graphic that provides a simple explanation of your Facebook rank (Edge Rank).  Plus it gives a few posting tips as well you can use to boost your Facebook rank (Edge Rank).  It was put together by a company that makes the really cool branded posting app “Post Planner.”


Post Planner Explains Facebook Rank

Originally posted on the Post Planner blog here:  http://www.postplanner.com/8-status-ideas-that-will-improve-your-facebook-edgerank-infographic/




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