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…if you’re doing it correctly.

Facebook Marketing by Social Strategizer

Aloha and welcome to the Social Strategizer site.  I wanted to make this first blog post and get this party started.

I couldn’t be more excited for you to be here right now!  My name is Adam Collins and I’m the founder of Superfood Snacks Inc., and the creator of Social Strategizer.

I put Social Strategizer together as a resource center for all of your Facebook marketing needs.

Unfortunately, almost all Fan Pages out there today are doing their Facebook marketing completely wrong.

They keep focusing on sell sell sell instead of what they should be doing.

Of course strategic Facebook Marketing involves selling, but not in the way most marketers think of it.  Think of it like this.  Facebook is the biggest party that exists and it goes on every day.  Everyone’s there and the average time people stay at this party each day is 58 minutes.

Welcome to the biggest party on Earth, Facebook!

Ok so picture you’re at this amazing part where you get to connect with all these like minded people.

Now picture yourself in an engaging conversation at this amazing party and some obnoxious guy interrupts your conversation and starts talking constantly about himself and how cool he is.

He’s not concerned with your conversation at all, but instead wants to tell you all about his multi level marketing business and how the product he’s selling is the best ever.  Now how long do you think you’d want to hang around that guy?

Now sure here and there, you can talk about what you do and what you sell as thats all natural… but for the most part people aren’t at the the best party ever to listen to you talk about how great what your selling is or how cool you are.  Don’t be that guy.

Facebook Is The Biggest Party On Earth

Really understanding Facebook marketing and engaging your customers and fans is an art and it’s a very important art… as you don’t want to be missing out and blow your chances at the Best Party Ever. Remember everyone is there and word gets out quickly!

Now if you take a look around at almost all of the Facebook fan pages out there that keep pushing sell, sell, sell in their posts,
you’ll notice their Fans aren’t too happy or ENGAGED.

Their is a right way to sell through Facebook and we will be doing a ton of talking about how to do that in future blog posts, videos, PDF reports, webinars, teleseminars and cheat sheets that i’ll provide you.

I’ve got a ton of amazing free information to share with you.  Most of which took about 2 years to figure it all out.  Trust me if you’re struggling with your Facebook Fan Page, I know what it feels like and how frustrating it can be.

I started my Facebook Fan Page for Superfood Snacks on July 22 2009… and for about the first year or so my page was failing big time.  I had absolutely no idea what I was doing with Facebook marketing and it definitely showed.

I didn’t know what to post, how to interact, how to set things up properly… basically my Fan Page was lame and I didn’t have the most important aspect to Facebook marketing set up on my page either.

Basically I was doing everything wrong.  I had no idea how to succeed at Facebook Marketing.

What is this “most important aspect to Facebook marketing” I’m speaking of?

It’s a professionally designed branded custom landing tab inside your Facebook page.  This custom landing page needs to have a call to action to opt-in to a follow up list such as your email list, mobile list or sign up form, in exchange for a free valuable piece of content or coupon.

This is the most important component to strategic Facebook marketing.

We will go much deeper into that topic in the future.

You know seeing others massively succeed with Facebook marketing, while my page was suffering big time really spurred me to some frustration.  It was then that I decided to figure all this stuff out.

I started following many social media blogs, tons of Fan Pages, reading books, following all the Facebook marketing experts and spent several thousand dollars in online Marketing courses including many on Facebook marketing.

More importantly implementing, testing and taking action has now really started to turn into something good…

…and it gets better every day.  So this is a fun Facebook marketing journey that I’m inviting you to take with me as we constantly adapt to the ever changing rhythm on Facebook, the biggest and best party on Earth.
Currently my company Superfood Snacks: https://www.facebook.com/SuperfoodSnacks
is the #1 Fan Page in our micro niche of (Raw Chocolate Companies).

We love our Fans and have so much fun on our Facebook Fan Page.

I Love Facebook Marketing.  

I actually help several of my friends with their small businesses on Facebook for free, because I love it so much and I like making it fun and easy.

One key to remember about Facebook marketing is to create free valuable content that is “SHARABLE.”

Above you’ll see a page I put together called “Resources,” check it out, it’s awesome.  This is where I put all the new resources I come across throughout my daily researching and testing.

I’ve compiled a list for you broken down into categories on the Resources page to make your Facebook Marketing efforts much easier.

Everything from the best professional email auto-responders, to contest applications, professional Fan Page creation tools, posting tools, miscellaneous tools, apps and much more.

I’ve filtered through all the apps out there and put this page together for our community to use and stay up to date with whats current in regards to leveraging your Facebook marketing efforts.

Just check it out, I think you’re going to love it.  Also if you know of any amazing tools to help with Facebook marketing that aren’t already listed, let me know and I’ll check them out and most likely add them to the list.

If you ever have any questions feel free to click on the Ask Adam tab above and let me know.  I totally here to help you and would love to see your Facebook Marketing efforts maximized.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.  Let me know if you have any questions about Facebook marketing by posting a comment below.  You can also leave a comment on my new Social Strategizer Facebook Marketing Fan page.

Thanks again for being here and have an amazing day!


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