Here’s An Example Of What Not To Do In Your Business

Today I followed a link in an email sent that was sent to me that I was quite excited about!

It was a special offer on a internal body cleanse that I was thinking about getting for a while.  So the excitement to see that they were offering a 25% discount was perfect, so I clicked the link.

I put the cleanse in the shopping cart applied the coupon code and was getting even more excited!  Then I clicked on “Calculate Shipping” to complete the order.

Thats when I was shocked to see that the only option to ship what would easily fit in a USPS medium to large flat rate box was priced at $40 something $.

It was after hours so I couldn’t call them right then, so I thought to myself… i’m sure they have good customer service enough to understand my request and ship me the cleanse via USPS.

So I kept the browser open thinking I’ll call them tomorrow.

I called them today to see if they would ship out the cleanse to me in Kauai via USPS flat rate so I didn’t waste like $25 (which was the total $ savings from the coupon code).

They said I’m sorry sir… we can’t do that.

This Totally Stumped Me?!? I Was Like… What? HUH, Really?

I asked, “you can’t just ship it to me, your shipping rate is like $45 to ship this little kit.  She said I’m sorry sir.

See I know about Hawaii shipping issues from the inside out as we use to ship some of our Superfood Snacks from Kauai.  We shipped all internet orders during that time via USPS for so called good customer service but we do so much more.

I Believe As A Small Business Owner We Need To Always Be Thinking About How To Deliver Outstanding Customer Service.

Good customer service is not enough.

Not even close.  Not any more at least.

Good Customer Service Is Not Enough

What inspired this rant was obviously the lack of good customer service, in my opinion is horrible customer service.  The woman who answered the phone had no interest in working something out to help me.

She lost the sale in 2 seconds.  She was nice for sure, and many businesses owners think thats good customer service.  Those are the rules and you just be nice to the customer but don’t budge from the rules.

We if thats the case then absolutely 100% the truth of the matter is that good customer service is not enough.


Good customer service is not enough.  I left that call with a funny feeling of confusion because to me as a small business owner we focus on the opposite and deliver incredible customer service.  I mean in todays time if you want to stand and you need to do something that everyone isn’t.

For example here’s a few questions to consider when training your customer service staff:

  • If a customer orders something, do you ever surprise them with something extra?
  • As an information marketer, do you give away some of your best stuff and actually offer prompt kind support?
  • When someone complains, do you do your best to hear them out and immediately look to create a solution?
  • Do you go further if a mistake is make and instead of just refunding their money, do you offer them a free $25 gift certificate for next time?
  • Do you run contests and sweepstakes to give your fans and customers some appreciation and fun.
  • Do you survey your customers and ask:  “If there was one thing we could do better, what would it be?”
  • Do you set your intention and company focus/modo to deliver incredible mind blowing customer service, not just good customer service? 
  • Do you use your Facebook Fan Page as a way to connect further with your fans and customers?
  • When a mistake is made do you go over the top to turn an upset customer into a Raving Fan?

Just remember that good customer service is not enough.  Not even close!  If you want to stand out in the crowd and give your fans and customers what they deserve, then good customer service is not enough.

Good Customer Service Is NOT Enough! Always Deliver Outstanding Customer Service!


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