In this post we’re going to talk about how the “buying brain” really works.

I’m referring to the “mental and emotional triggers” that drive people to pull out their credit card and buy your amazing products and services.

Once you understand how the buying brain really works you’ll be able to:

  • Clarify your message so it won’t fall through the cracks in this overcrowded marketplace.
  • Turn people’s heads, get their attention and keep it.
  • You’ll know what to say and what NOT to say to get more sales and have a better connection with your ideal clients.
  • You’ll discover exactly what turns people OFF and bores them to death so you don’t make this mistake yourself.
  • Clarify your messaging and positioning in the marketplace so you stand out.

So… before I pull back the curtain on what you need to know about the buying brain… I want to you to consider a very important question:

 Why do you do what you do?

This question is the essence to coming up with your core message so that you can attract your ideal clients.  It may seem like this question doesn’t pertain to your business… but keep reading as this will all start to make sense soon.

People make “buying” decisions based on EMOTIONS, and then they use LOGIC to “justify” their purchases.

How The Buying Brain Really Works

Think about it this way:

You walk into a store and see a nice shirt. You start visualizing yourself in this shirt and start connecting emotionally to it. Then in your mind you may say something to yourself such as… “I need that shirt because it will look good on me, or it will go great with those new pants or new dress” etc.

What just happened?

First, you reacted to the shirt on an emotional level and then started justifying “why” you needed this shirt.

The simple truth is: People buy on emotions and then justify purchases with logic. Now lets look at how the big dogs use this knowledge to open up avalanches of profits into their businesses.

CASE STUDY: Apples $Billion Secret Insights Into The “Buying” Brain

The release of the new iPhone 5c & 5s.

When Apple launched the new iPhone release, I watched the announcements closely and jotted down notes every time I noticed them using “Why-Style-Marketing” or emotional marketing. Here are just a few of the statements that really stood out to me (watch closely now):

11:07 AM “We don’t just pack in feature after feature. We think deeply about experiences we want to create.” (Ok, what just happened there when you read that? Did you feel it? “We think deeply about experiences we want to create” thats a total emotional statement. It’s “words that sell).”

11:03 AM “Technology is at its best and most empowering when it simply disappears.” (Then the next sentence was, iPhone 5S 16GB for $199 etc).

10:29 AM ” We believe the iPhone is an experience.”

11:05 Am “Others don’t talk about this, but we’re going to continue doing so because it’s important to us.” 11:09 AM “Before we close, we want to return to music.”

11:10 AM “We do really love music and celebrating great artists.”

How was Apple® able to create and continue to grow such a huge and loyal following year after year? It’s really quite simple: All the focus is on selling to the EMOTIONAL BRAIN and then backing it up with features and benefits. (VERY VERY POWERFUL!)

“People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.” ~Simon Sinek / Author of the amazing book: “Start With Why”


When you start your messaging with “WHY”…with what you believe and what you’re passionate about… it magnetically attracts the people that see things the way you do. This is the key to greater profits and fulfillment for any business and business owner.


Think about it. If you were to clearly speak directly to who your IDEAL client is, THEIR emotional desires, that is, what they most want to feel, you will magnetically attract your ideal clients that will be thrilled to give you their money. This is what some call becoming IRRESISTIBLE to your clients.

It’s all about speaking to the EMOTIONAL BRAIN and of course then delivering on your promises.

And in doing so…you won’t have to deal with pain in the butt customers, and in the end, everyone will be much happier. Your clients will get better results because their excited to work with you.

Your customers won’t complain and everyone will be much much happier. It’s a win win all around! Here’s another excellent example of “why or emotional” marketing that I recently saw outside one of the Health Foods stores I frequent on Kauai.

This sign is the first thing you see before walking into their store:


Notice their messaging:

“We believe that the way food is grown or raised is just as important as how it was prepared.”   See what they’re doing here? They’re telling you up front what they believe is important to them… in the hopes that it will resonate with you.  What this does is speak to your emotional brain (The Buying Brain) to what you value… and if it hits home, you’ll most likely become a fan or customer etc.

See how this works? It’s subtle, it feels different… and it’s very effective.

Here’s another example:

We-Believe-Marketing-Example 2

“At Boiron, we believe there’s a better way to feel good.  A better way that works naturally with your body.”


Now watch this short 3 minute 40 second video from Simon Sinek on the topic of “Why Marketing” to learn more about how this concept works with the buying brain!

Below are a few action steps to help you get clear on your WHY marketing message so you can use these billion dollar secrets in your own business.

Doing this will increase your likability, conversions and sales!

Give it a try and see the results for yourself.


STEP 1:  Answer these questions:

  • What are your top 5 core values? I.E.. Integrity, quality, love, patience & creativity)
  • What you would do if you already had all the money you could ever ask for?
  • Apart from making money, why did you start your business – what change do you want to see in the world?
  • What inspires your to get up in the morning?
  • How do you help people get results?

STEP 2:  Pull out the words that can be used in your marketing.

Do this by showing your customers why you REALLY do what you do. Let them know the WHY behind the brand. The deeper force that truly inspires you. Play with it an all your communication from emails, to sales pages, videos, webinars or whatever.

Here’s how I came up with mine to give you another example.

For me personally, I find total fulfillment in helping others… I mean big time. For me it’s almost an instant cure for sadness or low energy. It took me many years to really realize what drove me and now it couldn’t be more clear.

Whether it’s me helping someone with their marketing so that they can help more people and make more money… or whether I’m showing someone how to make a Superfood smoothie that will boost their energy and help them lose weight.

I believe in making a positive impact in the lives of others. The more I serve others, the better I feel. That’s what drives me.

To see others succeed and it’s infectious.

People feel the difference when we come from a place of authenticity because they know you truly care and are there to add vale & serve…

… and in turn they are happy customers- they got what they needed and hopefully then some… and your business grows…

… and you help even more people.

So following the same 2 steps above, here’s what I came up with and use front and center in all of my marketing.


Aloha I’m Adam Collins (Social Strategizer)… and I believe that you have a gift to share… a message or  product to get out to the world that can make a difference, help others… and create abundance for yourself and your family.  My passion is to inspire ethical entrepreneurs to get their message out to the world in a bigger way.  My focus is on getting you measurable results using proven direct response social marketing methods combined with Facebook advertising.

So by asking yourself the questions in the action steps listed above, you will start to pull out your core values in life which are directly related to your business and marketing as well.

Once you know your big WHY you can master your messaging and start attracting your ideal clients with ease!

You’ll get paid more, work less and attract the type of people who are a joy to work with and are aligned with your mission and values.

You’ll be able to start a project with ease and if you ever get confused you can come back to your questions, your big WHY and it will make your business choices more effective and powerful.

Does your messaging start with “Why you do what you do?”  Do you have some ideas already of how you’re going to impliment this strategy in your business?  Let me know your thoughts and what you think about this post by leaving a comment below.

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Have an amazing day!





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