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Have you ever had someone post and angry comment or blatantly bash your company on your Facebook Fan Page?  In other words, freaks out on your Fan Page.  Or just have a legitimate customer complaint you have to deal with on your Page?  How to deal with complaints on Facebook can be frustrating.

If have…

…A couple times actually… and it can be quite stressful…

…especially when it’s so blatantly obvious and far from an accurate statement.

As difficult as it may be, we still need to respond to these posts.  On the other hand a customer compliant can be a big opportunity as well.  Dealing with complaints on Facebook isn’t the most fun thing to do, but they do need our attention.

So how do we deal with complaints on Facebook?   Hundreds, thousands or even millions of people may be seeing our response.

Mistakes in life and business are normal, they happen.  So everyone and every business is going to make them.  Complaints on Facebook are going to most likely happen in some manner or another.

How we deal with complaints on Facebook is what matters.   

In my company Superfood Snacks, we thrive on amazing customer service, its our passion. But in the past, mistakes have happened for sure.  Whether we made the mistake, or one of the shipping companies lost a customers order, mistakes happened and customers complained.

This stuff happens and it’s how we handle it that matters.  You can almost always turn a pissed off customer into a Super Fan if you handle it properly.  Listening and being nice is key.

What I tell my team is we don’t want a satisfied customer, we want and ecstatic customer.  Anytime we’ve made a mistake shipping a customers order we always make it way better.

We do things like doubling there order size, and shipping the replacement air mail.  Little things make a difference.

I do this because that’s how I’d like a company to treat me.  It’s simply the right thing to do.  Remember you can almost always turn a situation that looks bad completely upside down and make it the best ever.

Here’s how to deal with complaints on Facebook.  I put a simple 3 step protocol you can follow below on dealing with complaints on Facebook.

 How To Deal With Complaints On Facebook:

  1. Don’t feed into the anger, or react to quickly.  Take a step back and yet another step back, take a step back.  (As much as you may want to respond defending your side of the situation, DON”T).  Listen to what they’re saying.Then wait a little bit to see if your Fans and customers come to the rescue on your behalf.  (Meaning your fans post a  response in defense to the person who is making these angry remarks.
  2. Breath and relax for another couple minutes or so.  Remember everyone can see your response back to this person, be NICE.
  3. Regardless if your fans come to your rescue, still send a similar response as below... 


How To Deal With Complaints On Facebook:

Hi (Name), my name is (Your Name) I’m the customer service manager (Or whatever Title You Have Etc.)  I’m here to help you and I’m sorry about (The Problem), thank you for bringing this to our attention, we will get this taken care of right away.  Would you please send an email to our customer service at: (Your Customer Service Email) and I will follow up with you personally.  Thank you (Your Name)

Also remember the possibility that, depending on how large your company is,  sometimes competitors pay hecklers to cause a ruckus on social media in an attempt to make you look bad.

And sometimes there’s just hecklers out there, and thats what they do for whatever reason.  Do your best not to let it bother you and take the appropriate action moving forward.

Sometimes 1 harsh comment can take us down into the dumps, even if you heard 100 positive comments, but don’t worry about it so much.  It’s part of being in business and you’re going to be fine.

However, know that there is an option if absolutely need to be… to ban a person from your page.

It would be best to strive not to do this unless you absolutely need to.  There’s many more sites besides Facebook out there that they can talk about you on.

Especially it they get banned from your page when there upset.  Dealing with complaints on Facebook isn’t the most exciting thing to do, but there are solutions of course.

Just follow the steps above if you ever have to deal with a situation like that and you should be good to go!

Here’s a great interview with Mike Koenings and Alex Mandossian titled “How To Deal With Unhappy Customers”

Alex points out 3 important questions to ask when a customer complains:

  1. What happened?
  2. What should of happened?
  3. How can we make it right?

They points made in this short videos can definitely give you insight on how to deal with complaints on Facebook as well.

Actual Youtube link ===> How to deal with complaints on Facebook.

This video really helped me with another perspective, so I figured you’d like it too.

Here’s a link to the Social Media Crisis Response Guidelines from Facebook which you should also read over an gather more insights on how to deal with complaints on Facebook.

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