This Video Shows You Step-by-Step Exactly How To Make a Branded Picture Template.

You can then use this template in your social media posts as well as on your blog.

I decided to make this video because lately I’ve been going further through all the survey questions and there’s still a ton of questions people need answers to.

So, I figure the best way to go about this is to start making videos that address the top questions and work my way down to the least asked questions.

Popular Survey Question:

I need help with finding/adding and placing text into pictures to post to Facebook and Instagram.”

And more importantly people have been asking how do I get my logo into the pictures I share in my Social Media posts… like the one below.

Notice how it has my brand colors and brand logo all contained within the image.

The Elephant In The Room Marketing Tip

This is important because you want to be building your own brand awareness online when sharing to your social sites, not just use the default backgrounds that picture quote apps come with.

Watch this video to discover how it’s done…

Resources mentioned in the video:

Social Media Marketing Resources

Reflector App

For Mac & PC:


For iPhone:

For Android:


For iPhone:

For Android:

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Have an amazing day!



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