How To Structure Your Email Marketing Auto-responders So That They Get Opened And Read

For those who don’t know what an email auto responder is, let me first clarify that for you real quick.  An email auto-responder is a programmed email that goes out automatically when someone subscribes to your email list.

You’ve most likely seen this before when you’ve joined an email list of some sort. The magic happens however when a specific high value series of email auto-responders are set up and programmed to go out in a specific sequence over time.

This involves a welcome email immediately after someone subscribes to your list, followed by a valuable series of follow up emails that automatically go out over time. This is a very effective technique when used properly and not abused.

Unfortunately many people today abuse their email list by only emailing sale after sale instead of genuinely offering relevant value to their subscribers. BIG MISTAKE.

When one learns how to structure email marketing auto-responders effectively, it can really help his or her business grow!

It gives entrepreneurs an opportunity to build a relationship with their subscribers, learn more about what they need and deliver value so they actually look forward to your emails instead of just immediately deleting them before they even get read.

My intention in making this video was to give you the base foundation on how to structure email marketing auto-responders that are effective.

There’s a lot more to it, however if you follow this method you will have a good foundation to get started.   And if you already have an email marketing auto-responder sequence set up, hopefully it will help you improve your response & stick rates.

I also wrote a quick summary from the video that outlines the 8 key Steps to writing epic email auto-responders.

Step 1.  The Subject Line Is Most Important. WHY?

(Because if your email doesn’t get opened then nothing else matters).

Step 2.  Welcome Connect And Say Hi!

Step 3.  Strong Opening Headline

Step 4.  Open Loop I.E. In this session we’re going to talk about ___.

Step 5.  Email Body Copy.  Close the loop.  This is done by delivering on the promise you gave in the Headline and Open Loop.

Step 6.  Call To Action (CTA)

Step 7.  Future pace by opening another loop.  I.E.  Look for an email from me in a few days where I will reveal ___.

Step 8.  Insert a P.S. (Optional)

Hope that helps give you a base foundation and understanding for structuring your email autoresponders. It seems like a lot of people really want to learn more about how to do email marketing more effectively.

If you’re interested in learning more about email marketing and crafting strategic auto-responders let me know in the comments below. A simple YES in the comments section below is fine.

But if you could let me know more specifically what you’re looking for in regards to email marketing, it will help me understand more of how to help you.

If enough people want to learn more about email marketing, I’ll continue to make more training videos.  I want to make sure I make videos you want and more importantly need.  Just let me know and I will do my best to crank them out for you.

Talk soon,





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